My business has been registered at IRS since 2005. I provide loan signing, car litle, affidavit the support, complete permanent resident and citizens application.

Services provided by Jean Notaries in Arizona and portions of other State.

  • Highly experienced signing Agent
  • Familiar with all loan products and documents
  • Power of Attorney, Wills, oath of office and other general Notary services provided
  • Competitive fee schedule
  • Ability to download and print any file size in minutes
  • Fully Insured (E&O $20,000
  • Available 24/7 for any notary service needed

Solid Strategies


Fees are $15.00 per signature
Travel fees start at $40.00 determined upon location and time
Wait time after 15 minutes $12.00 per 15 minutes

Loan signings for title/Escrow companies

1st set of loans documents – $150.00 to $200.00
2nd set of loan documents – $100.00 for same signing
Prating of documents – $30.00 (up to two sets of one loan4

County Jail signings – $100.00

All the lender or title company pickup and delivery and completion in a time manner.

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Traveling Notaries